Select Wood Grade Materials

Select Wood Grade Materials that are right and perfect for your cabinet upgrade and or cabinet installation. Each furniture grade wood is hand-selected.

Furniture-Grade Wood Species

Twin Cities Cabinets Wood Grade Materials


Twin Cities Cabinets Wood Grade Materials


Twin Cities Cabinets Wood Grade Materials


Twin Cities Cabinets Wood Grade Materials


Furniture-Grade Wood Species

Each furniture grade wood is hand-selected so we can choose the grain, color, and texture

Relates to a minimum amount of variation and imperfection

Typically less mineral streaking, less exposed sap and more uniformity in color, texture and grain

We use kiln-drying wood species that have carefully controlled temperatures to reduce the moisture content to between 6 and 9 percent, the ideal range for interior projects

Catani Cabinets only uses select grades of FAS1F wood, and other cabinet companies may only use common type wood material

National Hardwood Lumber Association (NHLA)

Established more than 100 years ago

The NHLA provide a common language in the buying and selling of North American hardwoods

Grades are established by rules that reflect a board’s minimum clear, defect-free yield. The higher the yield, the better the grade

Wood Grading System

Firsts and Seconds (FAS)

At the top of the grading chart

FAS boards provide long, clear cuttings suitable for tabletops and moulding’s

Has the highest yielding minimum cuttings

Must have a 83 1⁄3% defect-free cutting

Catani Cabinets Materials – FAS One Face (FAS1F) and Selects

Must meet FAS standards

FAS1F board is graded from the best side of the board

This board is commonly used for interior wood working projects such as cabinets

Wood Grading System

No. 1 Common

No. 1 Common boards are graded from the poorer side of the board

Must have 66 2⁄3% defect-free cuttings

Suitable for smaller wide range of woodworking projects

No. 2A Common

Must have 50% defect-free cuttings

Common boards are often used in the hardwood flooring industry

Selective cutting yields boards for medium and small size projects

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